The strange story of Pecker Maroo (do they own Australia?)

May 13, 2023 | Conspiracies, Sovereign citizens

If you do a Google search of “Pecker Maroo” you’ll find a bunch of the well-known Common Law groups up in arms about the company that supposedly owns Australia. Headlines like:

“Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd Massive Australian Corporate Corruption Exposed”

“Meet the King and Queen of Australia and all the other entities owned by Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd”

“This is HUGE!  Someone finally found the Corporation that owns everything in Australia”.

Who or what is Pecker Maroo?

It was first mentioned on Telegram in October 2020, but didn’t really catch on until September 2021, that an Australian company was in fact the real owner of Australia. The video that was mainly used to spread this was put together by Mark Kishon Christopher and his Aussie sidekick Hieu-Viet Ngo. Mark Christopher is well known in Common Law circles as a self-appointed universal judge. Some believe in him, and some don’t.

In his own words:

” I am a chief-federal-postal-court-judge and my jurisdiction runs over any governments, courts and corporations. If any citizens of the world launch a complaint with me then I will also have jurisdiction. I trained under the chief-federal-postal-court-judge :David-Wynn: Miller, to do the things that he use to do before he passed away. “

Christopher, like all good Common Law crooks, charges a premium for his services. Below is just one example of a “service” he provides for anxious property owners, coming in at a cool USD $2,800. Notice what the package doesn’t include: Legal advice or any liability. There are Australians who have been suckered in by this charlatan and have lost thousands of dollars.

He also REALLY doesn’t want this document shared.

Here is a clipped version of a much longer video that summarises the outrage.

The full version of the video is here.

Below is a full extract of the company and all the names it registered.

After much hand wringing and vitriol directed at the owners of Pecker Maroo, finally came the explanation.

Zed Freeman (another Common Law “expert”) and a group of friends (including the owners of Pecker Maroo) pulled a stunt to stick it to “The Corporation” i.e the government. When you watch the video it’s hard not to be struck by the idiocy. They registered a bunch of business names that would have already been registered if the government was in fact a group of corporate entities. i.e they couldn’t have done what they did if Australia was run as they think it is run. This point seems entirely lost on them.

Below is a short version of a longer video that explains what they did.

ASIC have since taken the business names off Pecker Maroo, Zev and any others that registered the names. If you search ABN Lookup for Pecker Maroo the Entity Name shows up as “ABN details suppressed”. This only added fuel to the fire with the whole thing being called a cover-up.

Zed Freeman also runs Common Law subscription service although you can download some documents and watch some videos for free, including role playing with Tom Barnett.

Although this happened a few years ago, the registering of “King of Australia” has raised new interest since the coronation of King Charles III and Anthony Albanese’s Oath to the King. Derek Balogh mentioned this in a Zoom session just this week and we’ll probably be hearing about it for months to come.

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