Triccy and Oneegs reach peak stupidity in a facebook rant about vaccines

May 7, 2023 | Freedom movement, Conspiracies

In a display of predictable ignorance, Tristan “Triccy” van Rye and Dave Oneegs have jumped on the anti-trans bandwagon and are now linking vaccines to gender diversity, blaming DNA fragments found in vaccines. They ponder that perhaps “girl” DNA being injected into boys causes a “switch”. The video below is a snippet from an unhinged Facebook live that aired on the 5th May 2023.

You probably already realise how dumb this is, but let’s unpack it bit by bit.

Triccy and Oneegs base their theory on a debunked Marcella Piper-Terry video

A self titled “Independent researcher” (NOT a doctor), bible thumper and old school anti-vaxxer, Piper-Terry was fearmongering with unscientific nonsense well before the arrival of Covid-19. There are still a few videos of her available online but most have been taken down by YouTube and Facebook because of false information. Her website no longer exists. She has hobnobbed with the other darlings of the antivax speaking circuit and had a role in the movie “Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth” which was spruiked by Robert F. Kennedy Jr who Piper-Terry met personally in 2015.

The link between rubella and birth defects

Rubella or German Measles was first understood to be causing birth defects in Australia as far back as 1941. After a widespread Rubella outbreak in 1940, Australian Ophthalmologist Dr Norman Gregg noticed an alarming increase in blind babies appearing at the Royal Alexandrea Hospital for Children in Sydney where he was the senior eye surgeon. Along with cataracts he also noticed other abnormalities such as the babies being small and undernourished and also having heart defects. After an investigation involving other eye surgeons it was discovered that the mothers of the affected babies had all had Rubella in the first trimester of their pregnancies.

At the time the medical understanding was that birth defects were hereditary and environmental factors did not play a role, so initially Dr Gregg’s finding were met with some scepticism. It wasn’t until 1950, after follow up studies had completed, that the findings were accepted.

The developement of RA27/3

The video featuring Marcella Piper-Terry that Triccy talks about is still up on one Facebook page although the Youtube version has been removed. In this video Piper-Terry talks the development of the RA27/3 Rubella vaccine and gets most of it wrong. She appears to pluck numbers and events out of thin air and offers no supporting evidence.

She talks about women being lied to and being coerced to have abortions which is completely false. She lies about the number of abortions “used” in the making of vaccines and either lies, or doesn’t understand how cell lines are used in the development of vaccines.

In her book “The Vaccine Race: Science, Politics, and the Human Costs of Defeating Disease” author Meredith Wadman tells the story of the major breakthrough in cell biology that lead to the creation of the RA27/3 Rubella vaccine. In an interview from 2017 she talks through some of the history and introduces Dr Stanley Plotkin, the inventor of the vaccine.

Below is a snippet from a longer interview that is worth watching.

Listen to Dr Plotkin talk about the development of the vaccine in his own words. The video below is clipped from a longer video that forms part of the Vaccine Makers Project which has many more videos all focused on the making of vaccines and the history behind it.

Vaccines are thoroughly purified before being used

Before being used on a humans, all vaccines go through a purification process. These processes can differ from vaccine to vaccine mainly because viruses come in different sizes.

Purification strategies based on viral size include a variety of methods such as density-gradient ultracentrifugation, ultrafiltration, precipitation, two-phase extraction systems and size exclusion chromatography (SEC).

Below is a generic flowchart of current downstream (purification) process.


Fragmented “female DNA” cannot cause changes to a male

A person’s DNA cannot be altered during or after a vaccination for the simple reason that the enzyme necessary to accomplish this, integrase, is not present in vaccines.

DNA is not stable when exposed to certain chemicals and most of it is destroyed in the process of making the vaccine. The amount of human DNA in the final vaccine preparation is minimal (trillionths of a gram) and highly fragmented. Because the DNA is fragmented, it cannot possibly create a whole protein that could incorporate itself into cellular DNA

From the mid 1970s Dr Plotkin’s RA27/3 became the standard Rubella vaccine across the world. Millions of children (boys and girls equally) have received it and tens of thousands of lives have been saved.

Both Triccy and Oneegs would have received the Rubella vaccine, yet neither of them seem to experience any gender fluidity (as far as we know). As for the newer Covid-19 vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna do not use a fetal cell line to produce or manufacture a vaccine although a fetal cell line was used early to confirm efficacy. Novavax does not use fetal cells at any point in their production of vaccines.

This whole thing is just another example of two fools making stuff up to fit their bigoted agenda.

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